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Basic Services: Annual Basic Maintenance Package

The Basic Maintenance Package covers the following essential services:

  • Your property will be inspected twice a month
    • Air out the apartment
    • Check / run faucets and plumbing
    • Change light bulbs
  • Mail collection and forwarding / holding
  • Review and processing of bills
  • Emergency Service: 24 hour contact availability for your security provider
  • If you choose to rent your apartment, we will serve as the point of contact for the tenant and collect the rent on your behalf.
  • Interior and Exterior Cleaning: Arrange and supervise housekeeping as directed by the owner
  • Bi-annual reports on
    • All activities
    • Inspection findings on the current state of the property.
    • If necessary, we will provide you with an estimate for the costs of any required repairs and maintenance work. Photos and documentation will be provided as needed. Arrangements with the vendors will be coordinated.